Magic Zoom joesnet™

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The most popular zoom tool for images. Now with even more options.

What's new in Magic Zoom joesnet™ 2.0?

  • Dissolve and cross-fade effect when changing multiple images (example)
  • Change title position (example)
  • Hotspots (1st example | 2nd example)
  • Ability to define global options (example)
  • Option to activate zoom on click (example)
  • Option to load high-res image on click (example)
  • Slow motion zoom effect (example)
  • Fade in/out effect (example)
  • Reverse opacity effect (example)
  • Move between enlarged images in a slideshow style (example)
  • Always visible close button (example)
  • Place the enlarged image wherever you like (example)
  • Choose which buttons to show (example)
  • Position the caption to left, right or bottom (example)
  • New API functions (example)
  • All of this, plus... its even faster too!